Saturday, January 11, 2003

F This

Question: Why does the above jacket cost $349? Answer: The tiny small white writing on the shoulder. I want to address a major issue. THE NORTH FACE has officially sold out in my book. Here is Why: When I am walking down the hall at school and see some dumb bitch with a PINK north face fleece on, I want to kick the shit out of the North Face. When the North Face started out as a company they made clothes and equipment for the outdoors. Now they make clothes for the purpose of making a profit. This means they have sold out. Why the hell would you make a pink fleece jacket for camping in? OK, i bet your thinking, wait, Kevin has a northface jacket and backpack. So what the hell is he doing criticizing the North Face? Well, when I bought my jacket, I actually thought I was going to use it when i go camping. I have used it when i go camping and i use it everytime it is cold when we go. My problem with The North Face is that only the $450 are actually waterproof. When you buy the North Face for fashion, you pay too much. And now, When you buy a North Face Jacket for actual camping and stuff, you pay too much for it as well. So FUCK the North Face!

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Neil Young "Tonight's the Night"

Neil young

The closeset to country as I will ever get.
Almost sucks, but its okay. Give it a listen.